The Mediterranean Diet

Many patients who want to improve their health look for resources on improving their diet. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusing information on the internet from sources of variable quality. Many diets focus on short term weight loss and are not sustainable for the long term, or have not been studied and shown to improve health. Our physicians advocate for sustainable lifestyle changes that will improve overall health. Member Dr. Michaela Ginn of Never Say Never Wellness is a culinary medicine physician and internist who coaches her patients through these lifestyle changes. She wrote this excellent article on the Mediterranean Diet, one of the most evidence-based diets that has been studied and shown to improve health outcomes. Rather than a restrictive diet that focuses on counting calories and limiting foods, the Mediterranean Diet encourages choosing nutritious and delicious foods and enjoying eating them!

Learn more about Dr. Ginn and her culinary medicine services at her website, and visit our Doctors page to find a primary care physician near you who can help guide you to getter health!

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