How can I save money on healthcare?

Health insurance is important to protect ourselves against unexpected large bills due to hospitalizations, accidents, serious illnesses, etc. We all have car insurance to cover ourselves in case of a major accident. However, we do not expect car insurance to cover our oil changes, tire rotations, or pay for gas in our car. Routine maintenance is a cost of car ownership. As a result, car insurance is relatively affordable because it is used rarely.⁠

Health insurance is the opposite. We expect to be able to use it for everything. Insurance companies are businesses with a bottom line. They only profit if the amount of money we pay them is more than the amount of money they pay out. The more they cover, the more we will pay. One major health insurer’s profits are estimated at over $260 billion for 2020.⁠

A direct primary care membership covers the majority of your medical needs for a fixed, affordable monthly fee. You have access to discounted rates on labs and imaging that are often less than insurance co-pays. You also have direct access to a doctor that knows you, not a string of unknown providers in urgent cares or clinics. That relationship translates to more personalized care which can reduce unnecessary tests and referrals. Direct primary care doctors can also help you navigate the healthcare system to minimize unexpected costs when you do need to use insurance. This may allow you to choose a lower priced insurance plan or health insurance alternative during open enrollment.

Our members’ direct primary care practices are on a mission to make true health CARE, not just “coverage,” affordable and accessible for everyone. We believe that price transparency is essential to this mission. We list our membership pricing on our websites and our services are included with membership for no additional cost. Many practices also offer exclusive lab discounts with up-front pricing to help patients save money while still getting great care. During this open enrollment season, feel free to contact any of our doctors’ practices with questions you have about how they can help you access great care while saving money!

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