The Direct Care Physicians of Greater Houston is a nonprofit organization of direct primary care physicians and direct care specialist physicians in the Houston area. Our mission is to make high-quality, physician-led healthcare affordable and accessible to all, regardless of insurance status.

Through our organization, we provide education to the public about direct care options and how to access quality healthcare that is affordable. We strive to improve public literacy in not only accessing healthcare, but also in how to pay for it so that they are not bankrupted by exorbitant prices and surprise bills.

We also provide education and support to medical students, residents, and fellow physicians who are interested in practicing under a direct care model. We believe that by expanding access to direct care options with price transparency, we can make accessing healthcare more equitable. If you are a medical student, resident, or physician and would like more information, contact us here.

Current volunteer Officers who are also board members are President: Dr. Chinelo Okoye; Vice-President: Dr. Cindy Cedillo-Ruiz; and Secretary: Dr. Thanh Taylor.

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